What It About Asking, or Trusting My Knowing?

I ask myself this question as I’m dealing with the aftermath of having been brave enough to ask my dad to go to a game with me and his completely forgetting until tonight, apparently. I got brave last December. The scratching stopped.

So, I asked myself, was my asking in December, about asking or trusting my knowing? Immediately got a response: Trusting your knowing. Not even a second after I asked the question, not a moment’s hesitation.

OK, then.

Some things are definitely about asking. That one, the guy, was about knowing what you know you know and TRUSTING that. Even when your Inner Mean Girl, aka my ego, is being a bitch and naysaying and being hateful.

She doesn’t like change, in case you were wondering. And what’s coming? Oh, big changes. I’ve recovered and healed more in 2.5 years than some people heal after years and years of therapy. I’m going to experience changes, all positive, awesome, happy changes but changes nonetheless, in about the same time period.

And I have to be able to trust my knowing, I have to be able to say “It’s OK. It’s going to be OK.” In the face of questions, criticism, opposition and objections.

And I hear the whisper, “it’s about trusting your knowing and you do so it’s all good.”


About spawtyspice

I was once a victim of a horrible act. Now, I'm a thriver, and sharing my experiences with Spartan Racing, training, spiritual awakening, food, yoga, being a fur mom, intuitive and whatever else strikes my fancy! Faith, family, fun! Blessed beyond compare! Won't you join me?
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