Last Night…

So, I found out things last night about someone that make me realize the gem they are, not that I wasn’t already aware of it but it’s like here, more proof that this chocolate is the best EVAH!

I was game immersed, so I was in guy mode. That is to say, the place could have been burning down around me and there’s a damn good chance I’d not have noticed. I’m hearing everything being said, reacting to (almost) none of it.

Needless to say, my heart had a “Ah…I understand!” moment. Silently, of course. The game was on. 🙂

Needless to say, God and the Universe don’t make mistakes. Thing don’t necessarily happen when, how or why we would like them to but they do happen as they must. We have watches and calendars, God and the Universe have time. And…the waiting in general, healing work continues.


About spawtyspice

I was once a victim of a horrible act. Now, I'm a thriver, and sharing my experiences with Spartan Racing, training, spiritual awakening, food, yoga, being a fur mom, intuitive and whatever else strikes my fancy! Faith, family, fun! Blessed beyond compare! Won't you join me?
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