It’s OK to Cheat Once In A While…

With food, people, with food!


One of my few cheat foods is popcorn! I’m not talking about microwave popcorn. I’m talking about melt-in-your-mouth, I-love-you-but-I’m-not-sharing gourmet goodness! I’m talking about Crunch Daddy Popcorn! If you live in the Maryland/Northern Virginia area, you might be lucky enough to find it at a store near you. If you’re not, like me, you can order it online and the owner, my friend, Dan Bazis, will get your choice of fresh, yummy popcorn shipped off to you quickly and effortlessly. All you have to do is place your order and sit back and watch your mail.

Crunch Daddy comes in 10 delectable flavors including my personal favorites Bourbon and Bacon Crunch and White Cheddar and Horseradish Crunch!


I have to say, my biggest fear with the Bourbon Bacon crunch was that it would be tiny bits of bacon. I was pleasantly surprised that not only does Crunch Daddy use REAL bacon but it’s actual pieces of bacon! And it’s the perfect, yummy blend of sweet, and salty with just a tiny bit of chewy mixed in. Hurrah!


When I ordered the White Cheddar and Horseradish Crunch, I was concerned about how much white cheddar I’d taste (love the stuff!) and how much zing there would be…oh my good-food-get-in-my-belly-ness! One word: Ah-mazing!!

My only caution is that you might get addicted, it’s that good! And I apologize in advance if I’ve just introduced you to your latest addiction.

Once you’ve picked your flavor, you can then choose how much you want. Do you want (need?) a little or a lot? Or maybe, not unlike myself, you can’t be trusted with yummy food in the house so you get just a little as a treat. That’s cool. If you have a family of foodies, there are larger sizes for all of your eating needs. Crunch Daddy also makes great gifts!

As a side note, this is a one man operation so you if you like supporting small businesses, you get great gourmet popcorn and you get to support a small biz at the same time! How awesome is that?!

If you’re in the market for some great popcorn, check out Crunch Daddy Popcorn today! You’re going to love it!


About spawtyspice

I was once a victim of a horrible act. Now, I'm a thriver, and sharing my experiences with Spartan Racing, training, spiritual awakening, food, yoga, being a fur mom, intuitive and whatever else strikes my fancy! Faith, family, fun! Blessed beyond compare! Won't you join me?
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