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I was once a victim of a horrible act. Now, I'm a thriver, and sharing my experiences with Spartan Racing, training, spiritual awakening, food, yoga, being a fur mom, intuitive and whatever else strikes my fancy! Faith, family, fun! Blessed beyond compare! Won't you join me?

Awakening…Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

The truth is, since my Gramma’s passing, I’ve not had much of an appetite. My Herbalife shake in the morning with pb, oats, flax/chia, banana and 1 cup almond milk has been my breakfast. Water and a little fruit and … Continue reading

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Remembering Gramma

My commitment to my reader has always been the same as the one I make to myself. I will always tell the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable, heartbreaking or scary. The truth is today I am hurting in every way … Continue reading

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It’s OK to Cheat Once In A While…

If you’re in the market for some great popcorn, check out Crunch Daddy Popcorn today! Continue reading

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New Direction, New Dreams, New Focus

I am changing the focus of my blog! Continue reading

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Change is…Today is…

A year ago, July 5, 2014, I met an amazing person who changed my life in so many positive, inspiring, good ways. We were great friends. And then something happened. I triggered him. Not intentionally but, being an intuitive and … Continue reading

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What Installing a Printer Taught Me About Letting Go!

Several weeks back I had a client ask if we could install a printer on his desktop computer. I told him I thought we could, gathered the components I’d need to install a printer on a machine with an 18-pin … Continue reading

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The last year of my journey has been particularly daunting. I never know what’s going to trigger me anymore. I keep hoping and praying that I’ve embraced, felt, cried and dealt with every last fiber of it…I know I haven’t … Continue reading

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