Day 2 – Clear It!

I’m going to be posting these a day behind.

Yesterday’s call with Lisa was as awesome as Day 1′s! I love her energy.

Yesterday, she asked, “Are you late to your dream?”

As much as I’d like to think I’m right on time, and that everything happens in Divine Right Timing, part of me thinks I’m late.

So, then she said, “Have a clear space, a clear mind for clear movement.” OK, then!

The challenge. “Clear it!”

My statement: “Clear it! I commit to clear movement in my life by cleaning out my car trunk AND cleaning out my mind and my heart in the next 36 hours.”

WOW! That feels monumental and it feels like EPIC transformation!

I’ll let you know how it goes! DAY 1 I said, “I am READY for my breakthrough!” We shall see.

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Day 1 – Doing Differently To BE Different

I’m taking a 7 day mini-course with Lisa Nichols.

Today was Day 1. Which I missed because I woke up late. Luckily for me, she decided to break a rule because there were so many people who couldn’t get on the call…and do a replay link. Alas, I got to listen. :)

So, with every day, every piece of power wisdom, she includes a power step. More on othat in a minute. But she had us all say something I’ve been saying in my own world for a few weeks now:


So, today we’re declaring three things we desire (not want, as if you want you’re always going to want…)

Starting with the statement: “Power me!” Then writing out 3 things we expect from ourselves. And she wanted us to share so I shared with her via email and Twitter and withe anyone reading her Facebook page.

My three expectations:

1- Expect me to transform my life and my mind, letting go of everything, everyone and every belief and practice that no longer serves me.

2- Expect me to launch my coaching business, using my story to help others transform their lives.

3 – Expect me to transform my body, growing stronger daily!

And we were to end it with the statement: I’m not asking permission, I’m giving notice!

Power stuff! I’m ready for Day 2! Let’s GO!

What are you ready to change? I’d love to hear about it!

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Day 31 Challenge: I Made It! #31dbc

31 days of blogging every day! I’ve learned a lot, shared a lot and there’s so much more going on. I’m excited to continue to grow and share and I know that April holds some big things for me, including my first time speaking publicly about something extraordinarily personal.

I will probably plan posts for Monday, Wednesday and Friday going forward, though we’ll see how it goes as, in the past, I’ve posted when I felt moved to do so. Celebrations, revelations, disappointments and opinions have all prompted posts.

As I transition this blog, I’m excited to share as I grow, with the hope that I can help others grow and know they’re supported.

If you have things you’d like me to talk about, leave a comment or message me.

Thank you for following my blog and sharing my journey! I appreciate you!


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Day 30 Challenge: Consciously Choosing Change #31dbc

When I started my journey to transform my life nearly 3 years ago, I remember telling my counselor I would give up everything I had, everyone I knew, everything I knew and own everything that has ever happened to me, regardless of whether I chose it or not. I just wanted to stop hurting, stop being angry and I wanted to be free to live my life joyfully and in happiness.

I have healed a lot, cried a lot, let go of a lot, learned a lot and while I’m not quite where I desire to be, I’m in a much better place than I was. I accept who I am, where I am and the journey that brought me to this place.

Some people say things happen ‘to’ them, implying that they are, in fact, victims of circumstance. None of us are victims of circumstance. Not that we choose everything that happens to us but the idea that we haplessly live our lives and just wait for life to happen?

I am consciously choosing change. I’m changing my life one little step at a time. Whether it’s drinking more water, working out daily, blogging daily, working smarter, letting go of beliefs that no longer serve me or meditating daily, I’m consciously choosing my life and changing it.

It’s not been easy but I own my life, my actions, my reactions, my choices and I accept things as they are in this moment.

I’m ready for the next step!

Do you consciously choose change? I’d love to hear from you!





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Day 29 Challenge: Choosing Vulnerability #31dbc

I’ve taken lots of leaps in the last few years. Telling people I like them, letting people go because seriously, I just can’t heal me and deal with their stuff at the same time, trusting myself and those around me with various things, admitting secrets and letting STUFF go.

Today, I had lunch with a dear friend, someone I value and respect probably more than they even realize. At lunch I shared something with them that I don’t usually share. In essence, I chose to be vulnerable. Nothing super earth-shattering mind you but just enough that I felt wondered Oh my gosh, what’s she going to think of me once she knows what I think?

You see, I shared lists with her. Lists? Really? Lists??

I was challenged, as part of a class that I’m taking, to write out 108 things I like about myself. Did you know most people can’t even find 5, never mind 10 or 50 or….108? I’ve done enough work and cleared enough stuff and learned to love and care for myself so that my list is at about 115 things. On my first attempt, I found 8 things and I had to s-t-r-e-t-c-h like a very big rubber band to grab that many.

So, I’ve challenged a few of my closer friends verbally and had one or 2 actually try to come up with a list. Most people stress about 5 things, never mind 10 or more. But the point isn’t really the number, it’s the idea that we aren’t raised to brag on ourselves and we blush or get nervous when others brag on us. So I started making lists of things I like about my various friends. It seems less creepy once I explain the back story.

And let’s be clear: if I don’t like you, the chances are there is no list. I might hang around you during baseball season, or some such activity, but it doesn’t mean I like you or consider us friends.

So I shared lists with my dear friend today. I chose vulnerability. Because lately, that’s what I do. I ask myself What would be the scariest thing you could do in this situation/relationship?

And I do that.

Do you choose vulnerability? Can you come up with 108 things you like about you? How about 50? 10? Start with 5. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Day 28 Challenge: What’s After the Storm? #31dbc

I once was a wallower. Now, when it comes to negative emotions, I desire to feel feelings as the come up, deal with them and heal them. Easy enough, unless you grew up not doing that. I grew up in a brush it off/stiff upper lip/chin up/soldier on family. Learned behavior, I’ve recently discovered. I’m choosing to break the cycle and learn a new, powerful way to deal with my life.

So learning to allow myself to feel emotions, all of them, has been a task. But I’ve finally gotten really good at allowing myself to feel whatever I feel, honoring my emotions and releasing them. It’s made a huge difference in my life.

I’ve used tapping and highly recommend it.

But the next question is, what’s after the storm? Ah…good question! As best I can figure out, I get to live the life I’m meant to live, or begin to live that life anyway. Negativity, drama, all the ‘stuff’ gone. I’m looking forward to it!

Are you in the midst of a storm in life? I would love your tips on handling the ups and downs.

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Day 27 Challenge: A New Challenge #31dbc

I’ve shared some of the challenges I’ve undertaken here, this 31 day blogging challenge among them.

I’ve also taken on various fitness channels, the Spartan one led me to volunteering at the Spartan Race last weekend so that a year from now, I’ll be actually in the mud and cold water racing!

So, I’ve decided to embark on a new challenge beginning April 1. I’ll be writing an article per day for 30 days. Eschewing perfection, eschewing my need to review and review and “think about it” and, did I mention, review? Or attempting to anyway.

I am published in an online magazine. Time to pump it up and put my voice out there more! Wish me luck!

Have you taken up a challenge? Do you challenge yourself? Do you need motivation from other sources or are you self-motivating?

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